Harmony used to be open-source. Why did it change?

I wrote an article explaining the decision on my blog.

I use double factor authentification with my Google account, how can I login to Harmony?

You can create a specific app password or you can (although insecure and at your own risk) enable the insecure app access in your Google account settings.

Why are some tracks from Spotify and Deezer not the same as the original songs?

Spotify and Deezer only provide APIs to fetch metadatas but not the actual musics. To play these tracks, Harmony tries to find the closest match on YouTube, but may be wrong sometimes.

What happens to my Google and Hype Machine credentials when I login on Harmony?

There is no official API for Google Play Music so the only way to login is by entering your credentials. The Hype Machine plugin doesn't yet support OAuth login. However, both your Google and Hype Machine credentials aren't stored anywhere and are only used to obtain a token on the first login.

Why is Harmony detected as a Virus?

There seems to be some issues with the asar packaging Harmony is using. See this issue.

Who is behind Harmony?

I'm Vincent, french, working on Harmony since 2015 and some other stuff. You can follow me on Twitter @vincelwt :)

How can I reset everything ?

You can reset your settings from the settings itself.
However, if you want to make a full reset (as if it's the first time you use Harmony) you should delete the folder Harmony/ located in:

Why some Google Play Music songs don't play entirely?

This is an issue with the unofficial API of Google Play Music. The stream generated by Google expires after 1 minute, so you can play whatever was buffered before it expired. I'm experimenting with fixes.

What is it build on?

Harmony is built with Electron and vanilla JS. It allows me to code faster than using traditional languages.

Does Harmony auto-update?

No. It will alert you when a new version is available though.

Can I write my own plugins/themes for Harmony?

Yes. The documentation is available here, it's still under writing.